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Empower the kid’s program goal is to empower the kids to their maximum ability and to expose many new things to develop their skills.

The education system was broken in almost many countries:

In the school, students are taught many things but sometimes they lose focus on teaching truly useful for their life. Do you know how many young adults do not know how to write a check or how the public taxes really works but they know the most complex math problems trigonometry, calculus or chemical equation? School is important but it is not the only thing in our life. They teach reading, writing, arithmetic again and again in a different method and keep students busy. There should be teaching about government system, how taxes works, how the policy works, There should be a class for how scams are happening, there should be a class to teach about drugs, there should be a class for behavior and attitude and how important in one’s success.

The education system becomes more kind of business, every parent thinks their kids want to become Doctor, Engineer, and the high-value person in a society which is not wrong but they put a lot of pressure on kids to score high marks in the examination. Parents want high score in the exam, so kids want to make sure their answer is correct for the exam and they start memorizing all the answer to get good grades instead understanding the concept of subjects. This is not the fault of students since they are forced to get good grades, pass standards and move to the next level. How will students learn to gain knowledge when parents and teachers are concern about grades only? Kids knowledge purely becomes on SAT, GPA and college brand. Some kids are good understanding the concepts but they are poor in writing exams that don’t mean kids are poor in studies.

Our education has many flaws and we are not giving attention to those flaws. Empower the kids,  we are trying to help and educate kids on those missing areas what school missed to teach them like character, attitude, social behavior, life, respect, honesty, mind tuning, and how to focus on the subject and most important thing is kids will learn how to love others/natures.

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