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When your kid lies, How to react?

When your kid lies, How to react?

Usually, young children tell lies based on fantasy and they are usually makeup stories and easily can traceable or findable but when it comes to Elementary school kids, they start to tell lies smarter to get out of the problem, punishments and to get what they want. If they keep getting what they want by telling lies, then that will become the habit, we need to be sure to stop them before it becomes the habit. Teenagers will lie much smarter and they can easily manipulate to protect them, friends, situation, and arguments. The occasional lie is nothing to worry about, kids are going to test things and some times they tell lie, but it should not turn into a habit.

How do you stop your children telling lies:

First, As parents, we have to set rules and expectations. We have to keep our words with them and with our family members, when we miss or not to follow our words, they think our parents did and that is acceptable and they also do the same things and feel that is fine.

Five things are most important:

1. We have to listen to our kids and they have to feel comfortable to talk with us and we have to respect them. When they feel that we are respecting, then they will talk to us comfortably. Evaluate yourself, are you being too hard or are your expectation is too high?

2. Be an honest parent, kids usually do things what parents primarily does. They grab from us, so don’t lie in front of them .. (Avoid lies). Teach your kids to be honest and make sure we follow the same thing in our life too. Tell them, You are honest with them and you expect honesty from them.

3. Don’t be too harsh, if your children become afraid and if they feel not safe to talk to us when they do wrong then that is the root cause of the lie.

4. Don’t accuse kids when they are lying, this will make them feel trapped and make the situation worse and they feel very unsafe. Don’t give negative labels. Don’t overact. If your child knows that you are going to be calm they will speak the truth and they will try to explain you the situation.

5. Teach them; Keep your word, and teach them lying could hurt others and others won’t have trust on you and they will unfriend.

Praise them when they are honest, thank them. Remind them how honest make life simple. Give a chance to correct their mistakes. Keep teaching them about the honest consistently. Eventually, they will start speaking the truth. Be a friend to them. Trust me.It is a great tool to raise a good kid.